What All Thing You Need To Follow And Avoid When Living With A Roommate

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What All Thing You Need To Follow And Avoid When Living With A Roommate

When it comes to living and sharing your things with a roommate, you need to keep in mind many things. When you move to a new city, you look for rooms to share the expenses and lead a comfortable life. If you have never shared an apartment or have never lived with a roommate, then you must read on and get to know about the thing you must do and things you must avoid while living with a roommate. You need to be open to accept the challenges and chages with open arms and enjoy the new life. 


The do’s

Now that you have made up your mind, let us have a look at things you must do while living with a roommate:


Expense division

Make rules on how you will spend the expenses and keep in mind that both of you are following the rules. The expenses must be divided equally so that one does not have to bear all.


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Handling of chores

Ensure that you are diving the chores properly so that it is not the case that one person is handling everything. You must make a list of all the chores and then divide them equally.


Privacy matters

Do not hinder their privacy else; this can be a huge issue. You must keep in mind that your roommate has a personal life, and you need to stay miles away from them.


Be ready to adjust

When you come out and start living life on your own, then the first thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to adjust. If you are not flexible or are not ready to adjust, it will become impossible for you to stay happy.



Now that we have read enough about what must be done let us also look at what you must not do.


Do not fight

You must keep in mind that you do not have to fight. Your roommates are your family, and you have to take care that you do not find petty issues to fight with them.


Do not take their stuff without permission.

Another point that plays a crucial role is that you cannot use or borrow their things without asking them. Proper permission must be taken, and then only you must use things.

Do not assume things.

You are not their family or a relative, so you do not know much about them. You are no one to assume things or make any kind of assumptions about their personality or character. This will only worsen the things between you both and will lead to a conflict. This might also happen that your roommate gets offended and leave the place.


These were some quick things that you must keep in mind when living with a roommate. Follow them properly, and you can lead a happy life. Else it will become really difficult for you to adjust to the environment, and you will end up complaining about every single thing.


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