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5 Home Safety Tips To Follow While Living In A PG

Getting comfy in your house environment can be replenished if you choose to be safe and 
healthy while staying in a pg. Life in a pg grants you the buttons to control your lifestyles through your prudence. Be wise while availing your powers! 
Amidst the Covid -19 situations, this unwelcomed novel guest has to be dealt with with utmost heed and perseverance. As the saying goes “Prevention is better than Cure'' you ought to take certain vigilant steps towards your health in this menacing situation. Looking after both your mental health and physiological well-being should be your prime concern. 
Let us fight this peril with all our zeal, by just taking care of ourselves. Don’t you think we are blessed to be able to just do nothing other than taking care of ourselves to save the Globe!! 
Gear up your mind and keep reading to know some easy steps in staying safe while enjoying your stay! 

Given below are some safety tips that one should follow to minimize the risk of getting COVID positive. Check them out:

Tip 1: Make sure to clean all the highly touched surfaces in your room 

As we know, the virus is generally found in human saliva and transportation from there to any other surface very conveniently. The virus can easily get transported through direct contact from anyone's hand to those surfaces like furniture and interiors in your room. Make sure to clean those surfaces daily with any slightly or completely wet antibacterial cloth and also dispose of that cloth daily to avoid any further infection. Those high surfaces in your room generally include:

● Inside and outside surface of lockers 
● Tablets and mobile phones 
● Sanitize and clean surfaces that may have blood stains or any other kind of body fluids 
● Keyboards and laptop surfaces 
● Top surfaces of tables and desks 
● Bathroom and doorknobs and other doorknobs or handles in your home 
● Frequent cleaning of toilets 

Tip 2: Adaptation of safe hygiene 

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, adapting safe hygiene is the least a person can do when living in a PG. Make sure to adapt safe habitation for yourself as well as for the people who pay a visit to your house. You are the one who needs to take care of your safety and health risks as visitors cannot be avoided but safe habitation can surely reduce those risks. 

Tip 3: Work on building your immunity with the consumption of healthy food and spices

You should work on building your immunity by consuming healthy food that includes green leafy vegetables and pulses. Indian diet is considered the most healthy diet that can build your inner immunity if followed properly. Throughout the lockdown, people were advised by health experts to follow a diet that will improve their immunity for a longer duration of time. Some Indian spices like turmeric have an active compound known as curcumin that is known for having multiple benefits that enhance your immunity. 

Tip 4: Continue To Follow Social Distancing 

The present situation of the global pandemic demands maintenance of social distance of at least 1 meter from others around you. Make sure to follow social distancing even with your 
roommate when living in a PG. The social distance is generally advised to avoid a minimum contact between two people just to cut ties for the spread of any kind of infection that might affect two individuals due to close contact between them. Make sure to wear masks be it any mask as that will help you from getting affected by any airborne respiratory droplets caused due to breathing near someone coughing or sneezing. 

Tip 5: Sterilization 

One of the most significant points to be followed to minimize the risk of the spread of the deadly virus is regular sterilization or sanitization. Make sure to use sanitizers and all kinds of disinfectants even when at home. Instead of using soap and water switch to the use of alcohol-based sanitizers as they are the best alternative to remove all kinds of bacteria and viruses and reduce the risk of any further infection up to 60%. 


Make sure to follow the above safety tips to combat the spread of coronavirus around the globe. Safety and hygiene all starts from your home so it's your call ahead to take these precautionary steps that will maximize your chances of fighting this deadly virus. Everyone around us is currently struggling with this global pandemic but no one is giving up, so we also need to continue our fight of battling against this virus when living in a PG or hostel away from home. Also if you looking for a PG in Gurgaon do check out The Safehouse PG.


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