Tenants Policy

NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Female Guests are permitted to stay for a maximum of two days once in 3 months, after that, a daily charge of 500 will be applied.
  • The rent Does not cover the cost of electricity .The Cost of each unit of power is 10.25 rupees.
  • No Sticking of posters on wall is allowed in the premises.
  • Residents are responsible for their personal goods and valuables . any theft , fire, or loss will not be the responsibility of management . any such incident, however , must be reported to the authorities on Immediate Basis.
  • In Case any inconvenience is caused, any sort of misbehavior or non payment of any amount , management reserves the right to ask to immediately vacant the premises.

Cancellation Policy

We would never want you to leave NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd. because we care about our members. However, if you must leave us for any reason, we will make the transition as smooth as possible. Our crew will ensure that you have no hassles or inconveniences when moving out. We would

Refund On Token Money

Token Money is the amount paid by you to NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd. to show your commitment to moving into NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd. We accepts a minimum token amount of Rs. 5000. Token amount is non refundable

Move-out Policy. Exit Notice

We really, really wish you don’t have to leave. But in case the circumstances are unavoidable, and you have to go, the process is again, simple. To checkout, just giving us 1-month notice. This is absolutely mandatory and nonnegotiable, under any circumstances. In case you need to vacate earlier than the scheduled move-out date, please feel free to do so. However, in case the rent is not paid for the remaining days, the balance amount will be adjusted from the security deposit. At NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd, we have a minimum lock-in period of 3 months. If you decide to leave early, 1 month’s security deposit shall be forfeited. Extension of stay after your move-out date is totally on the discretion of NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd.

Refund Terms

There are no unnecessary money barriers at NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd. because there are no demanding landlords. Our representative will inspect your room/apartment/studio for any faults before you leave. You'll get your entire security deposit refunded if you give us a month's notice and there are no damages to the property. After taking into account the damages, the return process normally takes roughly 2 working days. However, if you have not given us one month's notice or if there are any damages, your security deposit may be withdrawn. Having said that, we recognize that life is not always predictable. If your cause for moving out is genuine, we will gladly waive your security deposit.

Refund Timeline

It shall take up to 2 working days to process the refund. A deposit refund statement would be sent to the member with a breakdown of deductions, if any.

Refund Mode

All refund shall be processed through online transfer

Rent Payment Policy

Rental Payment Terms

  • To prevent any penalties, make sure you pay your rent accordingly your rent cycle .if any rent not received by then will be considered late fee and you will be charged a minor late fee of Rs. 150 per day.
  • However, if your rent is not paid by accordingly your rent cycle, we may have to evict you because nonpayment of rent has an influence on the service we provide to you and your NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd . neighbours.

Security Deposit Terms

  • Moving into NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd. is not just easy but also light on the pocket. All we take is 1 month’ security deposit + 1-month advance rent. This amount must be paid in advance before you move in.

Token Payment Terms

How much do you need to pay to book your NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd. stay. A measly Rs. 5000, that’s all. This token amount is, unfortunately, non-refundable.

Payment Terms

Paying your rent is easy-peasy at NGV Home Services Pvt. Ltd. You can choose to pay online UPI, Net Banking . To help you pay your rent with a tap of the phone,

Agreed and Accepted

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