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Why Partner with SafeHouse PG?

Long Term Lock-in Period

SafeHouse Provides a lock-in period of minimum 1 year. Regular tenant search won't be a problem now.

Upkeep and Maintenance

We promise regular upkeep, sanitisation and high maintenance of the property. From white wash to plumbing, we have got it covered.

Competitive Rental value

Don't worry about the rental value. SafeHouse ensures to Provide at par and competitive market prices to the property owners.

How it works


Step 01

Share Property Details

Fill in all the mandatory information, our team will further get in touch with you to schedule a property visit.


Step 02

Review Proposal

After a visit, carried out by our team, we'll share a proposal and further steps to convert the facility into a SafeHouse property.


Step 03

Sign up with SafeHouse

Once you sign up with SafeHouse, our team will take control of the management & marketing of the property.

Looking for a dream PG?

We help you make the dream of new PG a reality