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Essential Things Needed While Moving To Pg

Moving to an unknown city for a new job or study can be exciting and stressful as well. As you have no idea about the new city, finding important stuff near your PG can be challenging, and asking for your roommates' stuff would be embarrassing. So it's good to make a list of essential items that would be needed in PG. So before packing your bag, look at this blog which compiled a list of important stuff needed for PG.


Toiletries are one of the most important things you'll need when you move to a PG. Imagine taking a bath and realizing you've forgotten the soap at home! To avoid a situation like this, pack your toiletries first. Remember that you may have to share your bathroom with other roommates. So it's always good to keep your own belongings. No one likes to share their belongings with you every day.

Toiletries Include

• Toothbrush and Toothpaste
• Soap or Shower Gel
• Shampoo and Conditioner
• Facewash
• Towel 
• Comb

It is good to carry talcum powder and deodorants during summer to avoid stinking.


Suppose there is a power outage in your PG, and your phone has just died. People at home will be concerned for you, and you will be unable to contact them. So it's good to have a power bank to keep you out of such situations. 

Personal Grooming Items

Never borrow a personal grooming item from a roommate, whether sharing a room with a friend or a stranger. Make sure you have everything you might need daily, such as razors, deodorants, creams, and hairspray. Bath essentials are one of the most important things that should not be shared or borrowed, so carry them up before moving into the PG room.

Keep First-aid Box

You can face emergency conditions anytime, so it's better to prepare for them. While moving to PG, never miss keeping a first aid box in your luggage. You should also add essential medicines for headaches, fever, or stomach pain in your first-aid box.

Carry Some Cookware

If the cook is absent, most people living in PG survive on Maggi and coffee. But that's a bad idea. You should carry some regular cookware and utensils to cook a nutritious meal for yourself if necessary. You can also keep cereals and grains to cook healthy food in such conditions. 


If you want to binge-watching your favorite web series and your roommate has to study for their exams. In that situation, earphones will help you to enjoy your shows without distracting your roomie. Earphones will also help you to listen to your personal voice message. If you are looking for the best girl's PG in Gurugram, consider The Safehouse PG. They provide the best living experience, including delicious food and high security.

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