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Pg Living Essentials

Moving to a new Paying Guest (PG) accommodation is an exciting chapter in life, but ensuring a smooth transition requires thoughtful planning. To make your move hassle-free and ensure you're well-prepared for your PG life, here's a comprehensive list of essential items to carry with you.

1. Personal Documents:

Ensure you have all your important documents such as Aadhar card, passport, college or office ID, and any other relevant paperwork. Having these readily available will simplify the check-in process and fulfill any verification requirements.

2. Bedding and Linens:

Carry basic bedding essentials like bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Opt for easily washable and comfortable fabrics to create a cozy sleeping space in your new PG accommodation.

3. Toiletries:

Pack your personal toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and other daily grooming items. Having your preferred toiletries can make the initial days in a new environment more comfortable.

4. Kitchen Essentials:

If your PG provides a shared kitchen or if you have access to one, consider carrying some basic kitchen items like a plate, bowl, mug, and cutlery. These essentials will be handy for quick meals or snacks.

5. Clothing and Hangers:

Pack a sufficient number of clothes for different occasions and seasons. Don't forget to bring hangers to keep your wardrobe organized. Consider the climate of the city you're moving to and pack accordingly.

6. Electronics and Chargers:

Bring your laptop, mobile phone, chargers, and any other electronic devices you use regularly. It's advisable to carry a power strip as well, especially if the PG accommodation has limited electrical outlets.

7. Study or Work Supplies:

For students or working professionals, ensure you have all your study or work essentials, including laptop accessories, notebooks, pens, and any specific tools or equipment required for your daily tasks.

8. First Aid Kit:

Put together a basic first aid kit with essential medicines, band-aids, antiseptic ointment, and any prescription medications you may need. This can be crucial in case of minor health issues.

9. Cleaning Supplies:

Carry a small set of cleaning supplies such as a broom, dustpan, and cleaning wipes. Keeping your personal space tidy is important for a comfortable living experience.

10. Snacks and Non-Perishable Food:

Bring some non-perishable snacks or comfort foods to have on hand during the initial days. This can be especially helpful if you're adjusting to a new routine or exploring nearby food options.

11. Personal Touches:

Consider bringing a few personal items such as photographs, posters, or small decorations to make your new space feel more like home. These personal touches can have a positive impact on your overall well-being.

12. Locks and Security Measures:

Carry a sturdy lock for your room and any additional security measures you deem necessary. While many PG accommodations have security measures in place, adding an extra layer of protection is always a good idea.


Moving to a PG marks the beginning of a new adventure, and being well-prepared ensures a smoother transition. By packing these essential items, you can make your stay in a PG accommodation in Gurgaon more comfortable, organized, and enjoyable. Remember, thoughtful planning and a positive mindset can turn your PG experience into a memorable and fulfilling chapter of your life.

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