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Leopard Trail Gurgaon

Leopard Trail Gurgaon.

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The oldest mountain range with abundant vegetation is the Aravallis near Gurgaon. The calm surroundings and brisk air are bizarre. You can go hiking, camping, or even ride your bicycles through the magnificent Leopard Trail of the Aravallis. This trail is ideal for you to visit if you enjoy riding motorcycles and taking in the fresh air.

The Leopard Trail is a charming route that is lined on either side by luxuriant vegetation. For long rides, it is the perfect location for cyclists and motorcycle riders. The location will astound you with its breathtaking view of nature. It is also a deserted trail. So, relax and enjoy the sensation of the wind rushing through your hair.

Bike riding may be a liberating and unfettered experience for many people. You can experience the same feeling by biking along this deserted trail. Outside of the neighborhood, a large number of hikers and nature enthusiasts come here to explore the area's uncharted regions.


How should I proceed on the Leopard Trail?

You can visit there with your loved ones and pals. You can enjoy a picnic or take a hike to a safe location where you can see species like parrots, doves, and peacocks that are difficult to find in the city. Find a spot to take in the beautiful scenery if you're just seeking to unwind, or visit a café for a filling dinner.

where to find?

The closest bus stop is Aravalli Biodiversity Park, while the closest metro station is Sector 55–56 on the Rapid Metro line. To get to the path, which is around 20–22 kilometers distant, you will need to use a taxi or an auto.

How much time does the Leopard Trail take?

10-15 km from  Gurugram.


Cafes On Leopard Trail

Locations | Throttle Shrottle


  1. Throttle Shrottle
  2. Cafe Toraa
  3. Ashoka Hills Jungle Café


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