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Which Is Better? PG Or Flat - The Safehouse PG

While shifting to a new city, the first problem we face is searching for suitable rented accommodation. We have always been confused between paying guest accommodation and an independent flat. Especially for the youth, it is a challenging task to consider between these two. 

Basically, youth look for pocket-friendly accommodation that includes basic facilities such as TV, food, refrigerator, and AC. PG accommodation gives you these facilities, but there are some restrictions too. In a rental flat you have flexible independence, but at a high cost, that is unaffordable. Here we are going to compare a PG and a rental flat that helps you consider between them.


One of the significant advantages of PG is lower rent compared to a flat. Flats have higher rent because they are spacious and give privacy. But for a student or a single working person, renting a flat could be unaffordable. In PG, you can share your room with generally one or two people, which reduce your living cost. 

Ready to move facilities

When you rent a flat, you have to buy the household items like a wardrobe, washing machine, refrigerator, TV and many more. You have to take care of all the important house stuff. In PG, you don't need to buy these items. With a fixed monthly charge, you will get all of these facilities. You don't have to pay separately for the food too. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a fixed time.

Brokerage charge

Brokerage charges are one of the major concerns while searching an accommodation. You have to give a high brokerage fee to the agent for a rental flat, but you can save the brokerage amount with the PG. 

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Security purposes

If you are living alone in a new city, it's good to live in PG. In any case of emergency, you will have a lot of people to care for. For example, if you are suffering from health issues, the landlord, roommates, and security guards will be there to help you. The environment of PG is similar to home, which also helps in your studies. 


In a flat, you have to do all the household chores that make you tired daily. Whereas in PG, there are several cleaning staff. You can save your precious time and focus on your other important work or studies. So here, considering a PG is a far better idea. 

So here the conclusion is flat is a good option for families that need privacy. For students and single working people, PG is more beneficial in many aspects. After reading this blog, deciding between PG and flat becomes easier.

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