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6 Tips To Keep Your Pg Room Spick Span

PG accommodation is likely to be your first experience living away from home. It takes some time to adjust to being in an unfamiliar environment with new housemates or roommates. Living in a PG is a bitter-sweet experience, but sometimes it can be frustrating if you don't keep it spick and span. Usually, PGs offer you a small space which you have to make attractive and energetic. It will influence you in both positive and negative ways. This blog will give you some important tips that will help you to keep your PG room tidy and clean. 

Organise Your Room

Initiate with a quick sweep if your room is already cluttered. This is the first step in getting your PG room organised. Change your bedcovers and sheets, arrange the cushions, remove all trash, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, stack books and papers on the desk, and wash your used plates and mugs. You won't ever return to a messy room again if you spend an hour cleaning up your room on the weekends. 

Storage is Key

Good storage always plays a key role in organising your stuff. Properly storing your valuables will help you to track your belongings and maintain the cleanliness of your room all the time. Small and delicate storage boxes also facilitate you in adequately storing your valuables. You can also choose trendy wicker baskets in various colours and textures to help with storage and complement your interior design.

Brighten Your Space with Lights

Who doesn't enjoy a space that is vividly coloured and illuminated? It fills the space with a lot of good vibes and satisfaction. If your room has a balcony or window, let the light from those sources fill the space. But, if the room lacks a balcony and window, you can use a mirror, which contributes significantly to brightening your space with more lights. Additionally, you could also hang some picture frames with inspirational quotes.

Put Your Shoes Away

Rather than throwing your shoes off and leaving them where they fall, try storing them in your closet or on a shoe rack. Keeping them off the floor will significantly improve the appearance of your room. You can also buy various storage solutions online to keep your shoes organized. 

Buy Shower Caddy

Shower caddies are perfect for storing personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, lotion, and soap. They can simply be hung around the shower area without being nailed to the wall. These are reasonably priced and easily accessible on various online shopping platforms. It is a great way to maintain your bathroom organised. 

Eat in the Dining Area

Leaving the room with half-eaten food always kills the freshness of the room. Before going out, you should always pack open snack items in an airtight container. And most importantly, to keep your room clean and fresh, always eat the food in the dining area. 

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