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5 Hacks That Make Your Pg Life Easier

Life at PG accommodation can be challenging, especially for first-timers who are moving away from their home. It takes time to adjust to a new lifestyle due to an unfamiliar environment and new roommates. It's a bitter-sweet experience while you miss the comforts of home and don't get things served on a platter. However, like everything else in life, the experience of living in a PG is unique and full of zeal. To ensure staying in PG wouldn't be like watching "Brahmastra", here are a few tips to make your PG life easier and more comfortable.

Be Friendly

Living in a PG enables you to meet new people, gather innovative ideas and develop a sense of community. While staying in a PG, always try to maintain a friendly relationship with everyone, even with those who seem introverted or may not be familiar with you at the first meeting. Once your roommates or housemates find you approachable, you will have someone you can open up with. 

Most importantly, it's good to be friendly but don't be too intrusive. You need to understand that making a healthy bond with someone takes time; in fact, even Maggi is not made in 2 minutes!

Set Your Boundaries

Boundaries are essential everywhere, whether sharing a room, building relationships or cricket. So, when we said earlier that you should be friendly with your roommates, we didn't mean you should compromise your basic needs or desires to accommodate someone. It will not sound rude to tell your roommate not to smoke in a room or not to listen to Tony Kakkar's songs on full volume!

Take Care of Your Belongings

You have to take care of your personal belongings on your own as your mom will not be there to do it. PG is a place where the number of accidentally stuff exchange cases is more than the number of centuries Virat Kohli has! However, it's not as tough as it seems; you can take care of your belongings by simply checking on them regularly. 

Track Your Expenses

Managing your bills is the second most challenging thing to do while staying in PG; waking up early for the office is still the first! Food, birthdays, parties, hangouts, travel, daily commute, shopping, salons, internet, and anything else you are interested in can ruin your budget. To track your daily expenses, you can use various apps that can help in calculating your daily expenses. If you are not a tech person, take out your notepad and simply write down your daily expenses. It will help you track how much, when and where you spend your money. 

Time Management 

As the saying goes, time is money, and you have to save both while living in PG. When you live at home, you may not have any incentives to be punctual or to respect the time. You can wake up whenever you want, bathe whenever you want, and eat as many times as you wish. But things will drastically change in PG. You need to be punctual and should have to change some of your habits. 

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