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10 Simple And Unique DIY Rental Home Decor Ideas For You

There is nothing better than when you decorate your home. When you finally buy your dream home you would want to decorate it in your way with your hands.

But have you ever tried to think about decorating your rental home?

You haven't because you have certain restrictions from the house owner. Generally, house owners want their room to be in the same condition after you leave.

But it is believed that since you would be spending most of the time in your home, it's your right to decorate it as per your style and taste.

On the other hand, you also have to remember to stick to your house owner's agreement and no tamper with the walls and floors.

So here are 10 best rental home room decoration ideas for you. Following these ideas, you can decorate your room while also maintaining that no damage is done.

1. Use removable wallpapers
The walls are the first thing that you notice when you enter a room, isn't it?

To make the bland light-colored walls beautiful and decorative you can make use of removable wallpapers as they can be removed applied and removed without causing any damage to the walls.

2. Use of artificial grass
If you are fortunate to have a balcony or small plot in your apartment then you can try laying down artificial grass on it. This gives it a clean and beautiful look. Moreover you these artificial grass surfaces come in various sizes that don't need an expert's installation.

3. Use of removable vinyl stickers
You can also use vinyl stickers to decorate and add beautiful designs on the walls. They do not cause any damage to the paint and can be peeled off easily. You can choose your own design and shape and they are a cheap home decor option.

4. Use potted plants
If you are a nature lover and like to add a touch of greenery to your house then use potted plants. You can buy any type of plant you want and place them is customized pots that are eye-catchy. The potted plants keep your floor clean and you can shift them anywhere quite easily.

5. Use strings and clips to display your happy memories
Instead of pasting any of your photos on the walls, you can make simple wall hangings made using household materials like strings. Use removable clips to hang them anywhere on the walls. This is a good way to remember your memories especially if you travel too much.

6. Use washi tape to design the walls
You can use washi tapes to create beautiful designs and patterns in the walls and behind chairs, sofas, and tables. They are available in almost any color. They are very cheap as well. Washi tapes stick to the walls and are completely removable without causing damage to the walls.

7. Use of simple hanging lights
If your rental room does not have enough lights and fixing them involves electrical repairing work by chipping the walls don't do it.

Instead, you can use simple hanging lights to decorate and give a beautiful look to your room. You can also use table lamps to brighten your rooms.

8. Use multipurpose furniture
Don't buy heavy furniture too much. If you decide to shift suddenly your shifting cost will increase, Instead go for as little furniture as possible that can be put to various uses such as box beds with storage space inside. Use integrated furniture wherever possible.

9. Hang mirrors without using nails
You can try out fixing elegant mirrors on the walls. Mirrors can really brighten up your room and make it look bigger. Use elegant long mirrors but try to avoid the use of nails. Instead, gently support them against the walls gently.

10. Use carpets and rugs to beautify the floors
If the floors look dirty and shabby try to cover them up using rugs and carpets. If you have one already use it. Or else buy a cheap carpet to cover the floor. Avoid laying plywood or other flooring renovation work.  

Final words-
Spending on buying too many appliances and designer furniture for a rental home doesn't make much of a sense. So try to use your existing items and use them for decoration by adding creative touches. So start planning the essentials and get them now.

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