Tenants Policy

Booking Policy

  • You will have to pay just a 1-month security deposit and pro-rata rent in advance for the month you are checking-in before we confirm the booking. We will make sure we make your stay comfortable for you. As simple as it gets!
  • We make sure we are not the ones asking you for long term commitments. Literally, no lock-ins for you.
  • For KYC documentation: Please ensure to carry a latest photograph and a Government photo Id proof (PAN card not acceptable) on the day of check-in at the property.

Renting Policy

  • We don’t like to put penalties on our beloved tenants! Do remember to make advance rental payments by 5th of every month to avoid any penalties.
  • We don’t like to put penalties. In case of delay in rental payments, penalty of Rs 100/day will be charged till 11th of every month. Mandatory eviction will come into effect on 12th day with 100% forfeit of security deposit.
  • No complications for you and us. Strict rental cycles of 1st to the last day of the month.
  • Nominal common area electricity charges would be part of the monthly invoice and this is to ensure that electricity at common premises is apportioned on actuals to all the residents of the property.
  • In case of bed-level bookings, allocation of room shall be at the discretion of The Safehouse PG. The Safehouse PG reserves the right to shift guests with bed-level bookings to other rooms at any time in the same property in case spaces are available.
  • Markets evolve, costs modify and so may our rents. However, we do assure you of our best possible and affordable prices throughout.

House Policy

  • As cliché as it gets, love your home to get the love back. We make sure it loves you more
  • All residents are expected to abide by the local law of land. Residents should not use The Safehouse PG premises for any commercial activity.
  • Your guests are welcome like our own! For your convenience, we would take their KYC IDs and keep updated records. We consider you responsible to make sure your guests follow all house rules.
  • Let the community flourish and make awesome memories.

Services Policy

  • Electricity charges will be levied extra & its 10.rs per unit
  • Meal charges in included in the price
  • Our CCTVs and secured premises enable you to keep a watch on your belongings. However, take care of your own belongings. We are not responsible for any theft.
  • Our 24x7 care focuses on resolving your in-stay issues, ensuring a quicker resolution every time.

Move out Policy

We would never want you to leave us. Think again!

Best Practice

-Please notify through The Safehouse PG app 30 days before your move out date

Payment for Notice Period Is Mandatory

-Payment for full 30 days of notice period is mandatory.

Extending your stay

  • Notify us on The Safehouse PG app at least 7 days before your Move-Out Date and reschedule/cancellation isn’t possible within 7 days before move-out date
  • Pay charges via payment link or The Safehouse PG app
  • Extension request will be accepted only once and is subject to availability

Compulsory deductions from Security Deposit Amount

  • Any outstanding amount payable by you to us
  • KYC Charges: ₹500 will be adjusted from the security deposit as KYC charges.
  • Cleaning fee of ₹999 will be adjusted against the security deposit, if the resident moves out within 120 days of lease start date.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation here refers to all those bookings

  • Where you want to cancel before Move-in / Lease Start Date
  • Where you checked in and wants to cancel before completing 1 month (our minimum stay)

The cancellation policy is as follows -

  • Cancellation here refers to all those confirmed bookings where you want to cancel before move-in / lease start date.
  • A charge of Rs. 1,000 per bed will be levied in case you want to cancel the booking
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